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Costco is one of the nation’s largest membership warehouse retailers in the country and needs little in the way of introduction. Costco prides itself in carrying a wide selection of products from fresh fruits to HDTVs to bathroom hardware. And it’s here where we’ll find Costco’s exclusive Access Walk-In Bathtub line.

Access Tubs has a well-earned reputation as a reliable quality walk-in tub. Costco is known for it’s strict requirements that must be met before it will carry any product. Highest on this list are quality and affordability. Costco offers what maybe the markets’ most generous return policy and in doing so will make sure all the brands it carries offers the highest in customer satisfaction.  And as the only walk-in tub offered through it does speak to Access Tub’s ability to produce a solid product.

In terms of features Access Tubs offers what can be expected from a high-end walk-in tub plus more. The industrial grade fiber-glass shell which is supported by a stainless steel frame provides the maximum amount of support while maintaining the perfect weight balance. It isn’t too heavy as to be a burden to move and set up for not too light as to compromise stability.

But remember, the key to walk-in tubs is designed facilitation of independent bathing for the elderly or those with limited range of movement. Costco’s Access line offers a plethora of features to ensure as little help as possible, if any, is needed to enjoy a soaking bath. Some of the features offered include: non-slip textured flooring, built-in safety grab bar, easy to operate pneumatic buttons and an ADA compliant contoured seat. One special feature found in Access Tubs is the autodrain system that rapidly pumps out the water reducing the wait time for drainage from 2-3 minutes to well under 60 seconds. This feature isn’t commonly found with other brands on the market at least not without paying a substantial bit more. 

In all, Costco recieves our highest ratings because it offers what ever consumer is looking for espcially when it comes to such lager purchases as a walk-in tub: Quality, Reliablity and Affordability. And the Access Tubs line meets these needs and then some!

For more information on Access Tubs call their toll-free customer service line at 1-877-249-2388

Average Ratings
4 / 5
Quality & Craftmanship
4 / 5
4 / 5

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  1. M. Rodriguez says:
    Affordability 5 / 5 Quality & Craftmanship 5 / 5 Time 5 / 5

    I've been a long time Costco member and didn't have a clue they were selling walkins until I became interested a whirlpool tub's therapeutic potential. I suffer from joint pains from my knees and ankles an was recommended to get a jaccuzi hot tub but couldnt afford something like that to be installed. Doing my research online I stumbled across Costco's walk in tub selection and liked what I read. Now I enjoy all the benifits of a jetted hot tub but only at a fraction of the cost.

    Thank you

  2. fdgdfgdf says:
    Affordability 2 / 5 Quality & Craftmanship 2 / 5 Time 2 / 5


    Thank you

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