Benefits From Walk-in Bathtubs

Elderly and physically disabled individuals find it difficult to step over and into traditional  bathtubs. Extending their legs to step into a bathtub can cause pain and anxiety for them. When faced with these conditions that render them incapacitated to bath on their own. Having to ask for assistance is degrading and awkward, more so embarrassing for both parties and demoralizing for the individuals receiving the assistance. Walk-in bathtubs are perfect for individuals who have these conditions. The walk-in bathtub gives family members piece of mind, in knowing that their loved ones are safe and helps build the consumer self-esteem.

Having the right facilities and equipment at the house assists the elderly or disabled achieve their tasks. Many elderly people live alone and have no one to assist them. That is why family members invest in safe proofing parent’s home, more so, investing in a walk-in tub. Given the high accidental death rate cause by slip and falls, seniors can feel safe when bathing in a tub that is made for their specific needs with access doors, grab bars and more. Having access to a walk-in tub allows for more personal freedom bathing, as well as, provides a break for caregivers to recuperate from aiding.

What is a Walk-in Bathtub?

Walk-in bathtubs, also known as accessiblebathtubs are mostly used by people with limited mobility or the physically challenged. The bathtubs are made accessible for people by the addition of a watertight built-in door, a safety grab bars or hand grips, or through the use of lifts that lowers and raises the bather into and out of the water. These bathtubs are specially designed for accessibility.

Walk-In Bathtubs are specially designed to maximize safety and provide therapeutic benefits to individuals with mobility challenges. Walk-In Bathtubs are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle.

A walk-in bathtub offers the convenience of not having to step over and into a bathtub to bath. It allows the consumer to walk-in through an access door that is built-in to the unit. The door has a watertight seal to prevent leakage. Depending on the purpose and use of the bathtub two types of doors are available.

The inward door, may be considered a disadvantage because emergency access can be difficult, given the water pressure against  the door holds it closed. However, the advantage is that an inward opening door is "self-sealing" due to the water pressure pushing outward against the door assisting in maintaining a water-tight seal.

Outward-swinging doors are equipped with a special seal so that they do not leak. These types of doors also facilitate access for users who need to perform a lateral transfer from a wheelchair in order to gain access to the bathing area.

When you are searching for the best fitting walk-in tub for you, look for your convenience and comfort. Research  the company you want to do business with and know that the walk-in bathtub that your will purchase follows all the guidelines mentioned in this website.

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