Getting Started consulted with professionals in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Home Contractors, and Plumbers to establish the most effective way to start planning for the purchase of a Walk-In Bathtub. The first step is to determine your needs, then know the space and dimensions you are working with, evaluate your options and finally, find the company that will service your needs.

Understanding your Needs!

Walk-In Bathtubs are specially designed to maximize safety and provide therapeutic benefits to individuals with mobility challenges. Walk-In Bathtubs are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Walk-In Bathtubs can benefit people with:

•Physical Disabilities

•Lower Back Pain





•Chest Congestion


•Circulatory Disease

•Stress-related disorders



•Balance Disorders

•Varicose Veins



•High Blood Pressure



•Stomach Problems


•Joint Problem

•Muscle Problems

•Nerve Problems

Enjoy the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy Definition: Hydrotherapy is the treatment of injury and illness through the use of hot and cold water. The term hydrotherapy itself is synonymous with the term water cure as it was originally marketed by practitioners and promoters in the 19th century. These treatments help rid the body of toxins that may cause joint pain and inflammation, help in relaxing of the muscles, and relieves pressure on joints and bones. It helps relax, mentally and physically. Because of these benefits, hydrotherapy has become a popular home health treatment, specifically among injured people and the elderly.

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Knowing your Bathroom Space and Floor Plan

Many consumers are under the impression that they have a “standard” bathroom. Unfortunately the only “standards” are common fixtures found in a bathroom such as; the lavatory, commode, and the bathtub. Walk-In Tub Consumer Report advises consumers that all bathroom configurations are different. Please make note of this, there are no standard bathrooms and it is important to work out the bathroom space on paper and know your dimensions.

To know more about the sizes and configurations that best fit your bathroom space and needs. Advance to the recommend reading link.

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Are ALL Walk-In Bathtubs made the SAME?

As discussed in an earlier section of this website, be careful with the term “standard” or in this case “same”. Walk-In Bathtubs are primarily made of two materials today, fiberglass and acrylic, they both have their benefits. The manufacturers of fiberglass walk-in bathtubs believe that the strength and rigidity of fiberglass is a better choice because the door is a moving part. On the other hand, Acrylic manufacturers promote the one piece mold, giving a solid surface construction with a non-porous nature. Some believe that acrylic is an easier surface to clean and maintain and more resistant to discoloration.

Both bathtubs however, still use fiberglass to reinforce their mold. Although, some consumers feel that the durability of acrylic justifies the higher price. Most manufacturers of walk-in bathtubs use the process of a triple gel coat epoxy which prevents discoloration (a similar process is used on yachts).

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Walk-In Bathtubs Installation Options

Many consumers share a common question when it comes to the installation of a walk-in bathtub. Who will install my walk-in bathtub? Walk-In Tubs Consumer Reports has found that consumers have various options. There are companies that only sell the tubs, leaving the consumer with the task to find a qualified installer. There are some companies willing to refer to the consumer a plumber or contractor. This saves some time, but leaves the consumer with the task of making contact and arrangements for installation. Other companies work closely with qualified contractors that install their bathtubs. In many instances these same contractors work in a dual function; sales and installs. They go out to the consumers’ house and verify measurements prior to ordering the fixture. (Note to consumer: All measurements should be verified prior to placing an order for a walk-in bathtub. If not, ordering the wrong fixture can cost a restocking fee and freight charges).  Finally, some companies only offer a full package; an in-house sales representative to measure and sell the tub and the installation.

Some sites will suggest that any plumber or person can replace and install a bathtub or a walk-in bathtub. Consumer’s best way to know the requirements for replacing and installing a walk-in bathtub is to call the local building department.

When hiring a local plumber or general contractor to handle the installation project, the removal and disposal of the existing tubs, cleaning pipes and plumbing, the installation of the new walk-in bathtubs, and installation of the faucet should all be included.

Where can I Purchase a Walk-In Bathtubs?

Walk-In Tub Consumer Reports that walk-in tubs can be purchased from a variety of companies in a variety of ways. The range is wide; consumers can purchase a walk-in tub on-line from the comfort of their home or visit a large retailer.  Reviews cover a large range; mostly because consumer purchasing habits are different for everyone. Some consumers prefer to physically see and touch the walk-in bath, having a sales person guide them every step of the way. While other consumers like to research the information themselves and make the purchase and have it delivered to their house without stepping foot outside. Whichever category, you as a consumer is in, the options are vast.  There are on-line companies, retail stores, big box stores, plumbing houses, distributor companies, and independent sales groups that all sell walk-in bathtubs. is the consumer’s most valuable asset. This website provides consumers the ability to choose and find what they are looking for, all in one simple location. Walk-In Bathtub reviews and ratings are posted by professionals in the industry and consumers that have had a firsthand experience, referencing quality of the product, customer service, and the overall consumers satisfaction.

Download and use the comprehensive Buying Guide offered in this website, a remarkable tool to get started on the right track, in purchasing a walk-in bathtub.

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Consumer Report Reviews offers Great Insight

Take advantage of other consumer’s experiences to assist you in making your decisions. Walk-In Tub Consumer Reports has the largest database of consumer reviews for your benefit. Before you invest in a Walk-In Bathtub from any Company, you should first read about them on, the Better Business Bureau, and at least three references.

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