Hydrotherapeutic Features

If the hydrotherapeutic features interest you, ask if the walk-in bathtubs are offers with the hydrotherapeutic features or whirlpool options, if you prefer them. Built-in heaters are usually included when the tub comes with the above mentioned options. It is still a good idea to ask if the in-line heater is included. This devise is important in maintaining the water temperature constant. Do not be mistaken in thinking that an in-line heater is the same as a water heater. These are not the same, although the terms are similar. Water heaters, heat water and an in-line maintain heated water. There are other custom choices available too, all you need to do is ask.

Additional Options

Some companies have ready-made models of walk-in bathtubs for consumers to choose from. However, many companies fabricate your tub to customer specific orders and needs.

Here are some other available options consumers can include:

  • Ozonation system -  kits that are used to sanitize the water and reduce maintenance costs
  • Chroma-therapy - an underwater LED lights system made for mood setting and relaxation
  • Aromatherapy - a technique that uses essential oils from plants for the purpose of enhancing well-being.
  • Auto drains, Quick drains, Rapid drains -  technology that allows the users to drain the bath water