Knowing how to Purchase the Size and Style

When consumers are ready to purchase a walk-in bathtub, they will find wide variety from which to choose from. The first step is to be informed and understand all available information in order to make an educated decision. That is the purpose of Walk-in Tub Consumer Reports website. Then, if you would like to contact a local walk-in bathtub on-line representative, a retailer, or a showrooms, etc., you would have enough information to do so. When considering who to contact, all the choices are within this site. Consider having an in- house visit, this may come with a high pressure sales pitch, but you get a full assessment of what you need in the comfort of your home.

Sizes and Styles

The lengths of walk-in baths vary from (38 – 60 in.) and have widths from (26 – 36 in.). There are many variations in sizes and styles. However, a noted difference in styles can be seen in the purpose and use of the bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs primarily have smaller doors swinging inward and “slide-in bathtubs” although still termed a walk-in bathtub, have larger doors swinging outward. These tubs are better tailored for users that are wheelchair bound.

Walk-in Bathtubs are specially designed bathtubs that allow those with limited mobility or disabled easy and secure access into a bathing fixture. Walk-in bathtubs enable the elderly and the partially physically handicaps to safely enter and exit the bathtub without having to step over a 14″ to 17″ edge of a traditional bathtub.

These bathtubs with doors allow easy entry; they are popular among people with limited balance and agility, older people, and those who often prefer a bath as opposed to showering.

The bathtub has a door that is equipped with a locking mechanism, which is lever-operated, and ensures a safe seal to prevent any water leakage.