Sizes and Styles

The lengths of walk-in baths vary from (38 – 60 in.) and have widths from (26 – 36 in.). There are many variations in sizes and styles. However, a noted difference in styles can be seen in the purpose and use of the bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs primarily have smaller doors swinging inward and “slide-in bathtubs” although still termed a walk-in bathtub, have larger doors swinging outward. These tubs are better tailored for users that are wheelchair bound.

Walk-in Bathtubs are specially designed bathtubs that allow those with limited mobility or disabled easy and secure access into a bathing fixture. Walk-in bathtubs enable the elderly and the partially physically handicaps to safely enter and exit the bathtub without having to step over a 14″ to 17″ edge of a traditional bathtub.

These bathtubs with doors allow easy entry, they are popular among people with limited balance and agility, older people, and those who often prefer a bath as opposed to showering.

The bathtub has a door that is equipped with a locking mechanism, which is lever-operated, and ensures a safe seal to prevent any water leakage.