Walk-In Bathtubs Installation Options

Many consumers share a common question when it comes to the installation of a walk-in bathtub. Who will install my walk-in bathtub? Walk-In Tubs Consumer Reports has found that consumers have various options. There are companies that only sell the tubs, leaving the consumer with the task to find a qualified installer. There are some companies willing to refer to the consumer a plumber or contractor. This saves some time, but leaves the consumer with the task of making contact and arrangements for installation. Other companies work closely with qualified contractors that install their bathtubs. In many instances these same contractors work in a dual function; sales and installs. They go out to the consumers’ house and verify measurements prior to ordering the fixture. (Note to consumer: All measurements should be verified prior to placing an order for a walk-in bathtub. If not, ordering the wrong fixture can cost a restocking fee and freight charges).  Finally, some companies only offer a full package; an in-house sales representative to measure and sell the tub and the installation.

Some sites will suggest that any plumber or person can replace and install a bathtub or a walk-in bathtub. Consumer’s best way to know the requirements for replacing and installing a walk-in bathtub is to call the local building department.

When hiring a local plumber or general contractor to handle the installation project, the removal and disposal of the existing tubs, cleaning pipes and plumbing, the installation of the new walk-in bathtubs, and installation of the faucet should all be included.