Enjoy the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy Definition: Hydrotherapy is the treatment of injury and illness through the use of hot and cold water. The term hydrotherapy itself is synonymous with the term water cure as it was originally marketed by practitioners and promoters in the 19th century. These treatments help rid the body of toxins that may cause joint pain and inflammation, help in relaxing of the muscles, and relieves pressure on joints and bones. It helps relax, mentally and physically. Because of these benefits, hydrotherapy has become a popular home health treatment, specifically among injured people and the elderly.

An option in a walk-in bathtub includes; therapeutic spas massage jets. These jets are often referred to as whirlpool jets, hydrotherapy jets, or spa massage systems. Some companies offer Dual systems, meaning the use of both air jetted and water jetted systems. Make note that there is a difference between the two jetted system options. Consumers must ask if these options are available. The simplest terms, to refer to these systems are; Air jetted system and Water jetted system. The combination of both these systems is known as a Dual jetted system. These options are an upgrade to a basic bathtub known as a Soaker. These options can have an added cost of $500 to $1500. Hydrotherapy is known as a water cure commonly used to alleviate pain associated with arthritis, blood circulation, fibromyalgia, and many other infirmities, in general terms, pain relief. Water jets are a more aggressive movement of water and may need to be regulated for the elderly consumers with sensitive skin. Air jets are suggested for spa therapy, as recommended by most companies and physicians because of its softer jetting system. This system does not re-circulate water, as the water jetted system does. Its softer pressure allows the consumer a longer treatment time to eliminate ailments pains. Older air and water jets should include a purging system to clean out the jet streams. Newer systems are built to be self-draining. On some bathtubs a purging system is used as an automatic cleaning cycle that pushes out any remaining water from the jet lines to eliminate build-up, calcification and bacteria from forming. It is important to confirm all walk-in tub equipment is UL approved. Beware of pumps that are not UL approved. If you have any concerns. Ask questions and seek proof. As a consumer you have the right to know. If you asked the questions and where told the equipment is in compliance. Inspect the walk-in bathtub when delivered. All certifications and approvals should be visible. If not, send the unit back with explaining of the issues.