Places to Purchase Walk-In Bathtubs?

Options on where to purchase a walk-in bathtub

  1. In-House Sales Consultation – this is a convenient way to purchase a walk-in bathtub. Where a sales representative will make an appointment with the consumer to show a professional presentation that includes power point presentation and videos to demonstrate the features and benefits of a walk-in bathtub. A comprehensive home evaluation is conducted and possibly a digitally constructed image of the finished bathroom with the walk-in bathtub installed will be furnished. Although this service is convenient, consumers need be aware that it is a sales call. The objective of the visit is to sell a complete package, which includes the walk-in bathtub and installation. High-pressure sales tactics and higher pricing are usually reported from consumers that choose this option. Consumers need to understand, convenience come at a price. Many of these companies often have tremendous marketing and advertising budgets that drive pricing to much higher than above average levels.


  1. Showroom and Local Distributor – As walk-in tubs become more popular, local showrooms and distributors invest in functioning displays for consumers to see them functioning before a purchase. Distributors can be plumbing supply houses, kitchen & bath showrooms, Disabled & Medical Equipment stores and many more related specialty houses.


  1. Online Retailers – This is a popular way to purchase a walk-in tub. There are hundreds of companies selling walk-in bathtubs on-line today. Some exclusively focus on walk-in bathtubs, while others offer walk-in tubs as one of a numerous products lines. The Internet allows consumers to research companies, and make comparisons almost instantly. We advise consumers to call companies and ask to speak with a sales representative. Many times the consumer after a short moment of conversing will know if they feel comfortable with the sales representative or not. As a consumer, it is important to work with someone you feel comfortable with over the phone. There are many resources  available to ensure you’re working with a legitimate company.

Consumers will find that pricing may varies with online retailers. It is a very competitive market, but despite the variances in prices, keep in mind that online retailers compete for position within the search engines, like MSN, Google, and Yahoo. The benefit to consumer is primarily price. Consumers gain lower pricing via the Internet as a trade-off to viewing the product at a showroom.


  1. Big Box Retailers – many of the big box retailers offer walk-in bathtubs also. They are usually sold as “web-only or special orders” products. They may be a good place to view a walk-in bathtub if they on display. The advantages to these companies are that they are well-established and carry name brands. Some consumers may feel comfortable buying form big companies because of name recognition and flexible return policies. The shortcoming with these retailers may be the lack of product knowledge of the product. Unfortunately, because of the high demand of knowledge on many products. The intricacies of a walk-in bathtub may not be known.