Hydrotherapy offers a relaxing Therapeutic Bathing Treatment

Hydrotherapy is based on the age old wisdom of the Greeks, Romans, and Asian countries in treating a variety of conditions including overall health. Water, heat, and air are three of nature's most powerful agents when combined can improve overall well-being, health and diminish aches and pains.

It's a natural therapy, used by hospitals, therapists and wellness spas. Consumers are always advised to consult with a licensed physician before see if it can benefit them.  There are various forms of hydrotherapy. 

Hydrotherapy has three factors:

Hot or Cold Water



 The soaking in hot water raises the body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased circulation. While the buoyancy of the water diminishes the body weight by roughly 85% to 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles, while promoting a relaxing sensation of floating in weightless space. Then the massaging action of a Dual system created by sending a mixture of water and air through water jets or air jets begins. This revitalizing warm-water stream relaxes tight muscles and triggering the release of endorphins from the brain to allowing the body to natural kill pain.

What to expect during Hydrotherapy treatment

• In 5 minutes - blood pressure and pulse rates may begin to drop.

• In 8 minutes - circulation improves throughout the body causing a warm feeling

• In 12 minutes - muscles relax, becoming more receptive to passive exercise. Tissues become more pliable and responsive to stretching, encouraging the release toxins from the system.

• In 15 minutes - minor aches and pains temporary diminish.

Offering a Lavish Bathing Experience for Everyone

Everybody enjoys and deserves a lavish bathing experience. It is a great way to relieve stress and fatigue. Unfortunately, for the elderly or disabled this luxury is a necessity to improve their way of life. Even the simplest of tasks as stepping over the 19-inch bathtub edge is not that easy. Because of the innovation of the walk-in bathtub, now it possible for the mobility impaired to walk right into the bathtub. Offering everyone easy access to a stress-relieving lavish bathing experience.

 The Many Options You can Choose with Walk-in Bathtubs

Many accessible bathtubs are available with hydrotherapy or whirlpool, air massage therapy, aromatherapy, and Chroma therapy features. They include an internal safety grab bars, an anti-slip floors and seats, and handheld showerheads that, in some cases, can also be wall mounted to enable a person to take a standing shower.

Door Swings – Your Walk-in Bathtub’s most Essential Feature

Walk-in bathtubs have either an inward or outward-opening or "cap" like fitted door that is self-sealing. Most walk-in bathtubs also have a chair-height seat, but some, which are the same basic configuration as a standard bathtub, do not have any seat. Although for these bathtubs, there are aftermarket bath lift seats available. Multiple walk-in bathtub manufacturers design their walk-in bathtubs to have seat heights compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, this being 17” high.

Bathtubs categorized as "walk-in" actually require a low step-in, as they have higher seats and outward-opening doors that enable a person to simply sit on the seat and pivot and swing his or her legs into the tub. This type of walk-in bathtub can be helpful to those confined to wheelchairs and to others with mobility challenges.

Logically, an inward swinging door and the physical water pressure in the tub work together to keep the door tightly sealed. Another point is that an inward swinging door is ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant because you are not stepping away from the fixture to gain access. Although, an outward swinging door enables the bather to open the door in case of an emergency and exit the bathtub. WORD OF CAUTION TO OUR CONSUMERS! Please be mindful that the room will be flooded with water. 

There are certain tubs built in the market with outward swinging door mostly for bathers that are wheelchair bound and need the extra space to be able to slide into the bathtub.