Choosing the Perfect Walk-In Bathtub

Water therapy or what is known as “hydrotherapy” bathtubs offers so many health benefits, it is understandable to see why so many people want to have one installed their home. These Walk-In Bathtubs come in a range of designs and offer many features, but are mostly recommended for their safety. There are a number of companies that sell walk-in bathtubs today. These bathtubs are designed with ease of access because they have doors that make it easy to enter or exit the tub. Most of them include a molded contour seat that is particularly helpful for the physically impaired or people with limited mobility.

In selecting a bathtub, it is important to keep all users’ needs in mind. To help Walk-In Tub Consumer Reports offers a comprehensive buyers guide free for your convenience.

Features you should look for

Safety features are important regardless of whoever will use the bathtub, whether a younger person or an elder, safety is a priority. Make sure that the walk-in bathtubs have grab bars, as well as, non-slip floors and seats to prevent accidents.

Other options to choose from are whether the door will open inward or outward. Many bathtub doors are designed to swing inward because of space limitations. Inward swinging doors are also better for water tight sealing because the water pressure forces the door closed. Outward door swings are better for homes with larger bathrooms. The advantage to outward swings is the ease of opening them in case of an emergency.

Another thing to look into when choosing among walk in bathtubs is whether the panel for fixing plumbing is accessible. If there is an easy access panel, that is a plus. In addition, any latch or control must be easy to operate by seniors or handicapped people.

Hydrotherapeutic Features

If the hydrotherapeutic features interest you, ask if the walk-in bathtubs are offers with the hydrotherapeutic features or whirlpool options, if you prefer them. Built-in heaters are usually included when the tub comes with the above mentioned options. It is still a good idea to ask if the in-line heater is included. This devise is important in maintaining the water temperature constant. Do not be mistaken in thinking that an in-line heater is the same as a water heater. These are not the same, although the terms are similar. Water heaters, heat water and an in-line maintain heated water. There are other custom choices available too, all you need to do is ask.

Additional Options to Consider

Some companies have ready-made models of walk-in bathtubs for consumers to choose from. However, many companies fabricate your tub to customer specific orders and needs.

Here are some other available options consumers can include:

  • Ozonation system -  kits that are used to sanitize the water and reduce maintenance costs
  • Chroma-therapy - an underwater LED lights system made for mood setting and relaxation
  • Aromatherapy - a technique that uses essential oils from plants for the purpose of enhancing well-being.
  • Auto drains, Quick drains, Rapid drains -  technology that allows the users to drain the bath water

Quality Care and Service

One thing many consumers consider important is whether or not the person attending them is understanding and bares in mind their needs. Is the person being courteous, helpful, in assisting them to find the right options. The experience is made easier when you have courteous and knowledgeable employee working for you. When choosing from walk-in bathtubs, look for any warranty and certificates. A must, is to have a lifetime warranty on the door seals. Surveys show that walk-in bathtubs are used primarily on a daily basis. For this reason, it is important to have a warranty especially on the door seal in case it leaks.

Bathing needs are unique. Make sure to review every feature and option when investing on these bathtubs. Their purpose is assist in giving the consumer a stress-free lifestyle. Use the resources available to you in this website. Walk-In Tub Consumer Reports has the essentials for the consumer to select among the best walk-in bathtubs given their needs.